With the Christmas hustle and bustle over, it’s time to face the new year. With that comes the dreaded January Blues – a time of year where the enjoyable festive season is over, everyone goes back to work, it’s heading into the coldest two months of the year, and you still have the horrible dark nights to look forward to.

It’s no wonder so many people are affected by seasonal mood disorders during this time.

So, rather than feeling tired and down in the dumps, why not battle those blues and book yourself a nice little holiday?

We know that not everybody has enough disposable income after Christmas to splurge on a huge holiday, so we’ve done a bit of research to find some warm(er), relaxing, and affordable trips that you can take from the UK and that you can enjoy as a family, as a couple, or even solo (if you need a break from the kids or the partner!).

Being from the Northeast, we also know that these lists often focus on flights from the London area alone, but not to worry, our list includes all big UK airports. Everybody deserves a break, not just Londoners ?

As promised, all of these flights are within budget, so the most expensive return journey per person is under £50 (with the cheapest being £20!).


Flying to Portugal is fairly accessible throughout the UK, although London, as usual, is the cheapest, but those living in the north can still reach it for under our £50 limit.

Londoners can get to either Faro, Porto, or Lisbon for a maximum of £26 roundtrip, or look into flights from Birmingham to either Faro or Porto for £33 and £39 respectively, Manchester to Porto for £28, Manchester to Lisbon for £46, Edinburgh to Faro for £38, Edinburgh to Lisbon for £48, or Glasgow to Faro for £25.

Although the weather varies slightly between each city, you can expect an average high temperature of 16 and an average low of 8.


View from the Malaga Castle

This is a more obvious holiday, as it is quite popular with British tourists, but maybe it’s the perfect time (and price) to check out a new city that you haven’t been to before?

You can fly from London to Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, Palma, Reus, Santander, Seville, (deep breath), Madrid, Valencia, Menorca, Girona, Ibiza, or Tenerife for anywhere from £19 up to £50.

Or, from other areas of the country, you can fly Newcastle to Alicante for £32, Leeds to Malaga or Alicante for £32 and £36, Manchester to Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Alicante, Seville, or Palma for between £30-£42, Glasgow to Alicante or Malaga for £38, Belfast to Malaga for £38, or Birmingham to Alicante, Barcelona, or Madrid for between £31-£43.

There are plenty of options for Spain when it comes to both departure and arrival cities, so the choice is yours. Average high and low temperatures will vary depending on what city you go to, but you can look at an average high of anywhere between 13 and 17 degrees, with average lows being from 5 to 8 degrees.


The Republic of Malta is a small island off the southern tip of Italy, and the city of Luqa has one of the warmest average temperatures throughout Europe, making it a great place for a winter break.

You can reach Luqa from London for £29, from Birmingham for £36, from Edinburgh for £47, from Leeds for £34, or from Manchester for £46.

The average high temperature during January is 16 degrees, with the average low being 9 degrees.


Roman Forum in Rome

Although Italy will have the coolest temperatures out of the others on the list, it will still be in the double digits during the winter, so you can’t go wrong with that. You can fly into so many different cities around Italy, and all with varied prices and temperatures, but we picked out the warmest and most affordable destinations that we could find within our £50 limit.

The further south you go, the warmer it is, so flying into either Naples or Bari from London would be your best bet, with both flights being £29 and the temperatures being an average high of 14 and an average low of 6.

You can visit the capital city of Rome from many other UK cities, including from London for £26 and from Edinburgh for £47. It’s slightly cooler in Rome, but with an average high of 12 and an average low of 3, it still fits into our “warmer destinations” category for January!


You can fly to this north African country from London for as little as £22 to Essaouira to explore the coastal city or £38 to enjoy getting lost in the never-ending Marrakech medina. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive than our £50 limit to fly here from any other UK city, but you can still find good deals!

The average high temperature on the coast is 18, with the average low temperature being 11, while the busy city has an average high temperature of 19 with the average low being 6.

The five countries listed above are all focused on warmer destinations just to beat the cold January blues, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight it in other ways by going on city-breaks in other countries! We’ve never been ones to travel for the weather alone, but more to sightsee, try the local foods, and to visit where the locals go.

So, if that’s more up your street as well, then you might be interested in these destinations, all still within the £50 budget!

Newcastle to Ireland (£20), Poland (£30), or Switzerland (£45).

Edinburgh to Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Latvia, Netherlands, Austria (and so many more!) for as little as £17.

Manchester to Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Sweden (and, again, so many more!) for as little as £19.

Birmingham to Germany, Switzerland, and Bulgaria for £41-£47.

Glasgow to Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Romania from £19-47.

And if you are in the London area, there are countless flights that fall into this category, so I’m not even going to bother listing them.

At the top of Tegelberg Mountain in the German Alps

We used Skyscanner to research all of these prices and would highly recommend you do the same. We’re not affiliated with them in any way, but are recommending them because we have used them, and only them, for the last seven years to book any flights within Europe!

So make sure you take care of yourself and book a holiday to fight the upcoming January Blues before they hit and get your New Year off to a great start with a relaxing holiday. But either way, do you really need an excuse to treat yourself?

Please don’t forget to let us know if you found this information useful and let us know if it’s convinced you to check out a new city or country!

Happy travels in 2020!


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