About Us

James and Krysta


Nationality: Canadian

Likes: Travel, hiking, food, Harry Potter, reading, football, Geocaching, board games, scuba diving, learning new things

Dislikes: Spiders, heights, mushrooms, being cold, the thought of every day being the same

Current favourite country: Italy

Current favourite city: Rome, Bruges or Munich. I can’t choose!


Nationality: British

Likes: Travel, walks, train journeys, movies, football, ice hockey, sci-fi & fantasy, board games, art, sushi, coffee, scotch

Dislikes: 35+ degree heat, airports, crying children, snoring, delays, large crowds, blue cheese

Current favourite country: Austria

Current favourite city: Rome or Vancouver

How did we meet? 

It’s a long story but essentially we met through friends who were playing Worms Online back in 2002 (yes, that’s true). We spoke online, daily (on MSN Messenger – throwback!), but we lost touch after about one year.

We reconnected in 2009 through Facebook and met in person the same year. We’ve been together ever since!