Written by Krysta

As we explained in our last post about our new upcoming lifestyle changes, the next chapter of our lives will have a lot of travel planned.

This has always been a goal of ours, although we never knew when we would go, how long we would go for, or where we would go. We just wanted to jet off and not have a plan.

And now we’re finally doing it!

Because of that, we’ve come up with a “Travel Bucket List”. There are a few run-of-the-mill, typical bucket-list items mentioned, but some of them are quite out there. We’re very aware that some of them may never be accomplished, but we’re going to give them a go!

1.) Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

I’ve been a certified scuba diver since the age of sixteen, meaning that this has been at the top of my list ever since. I’ve added many other scuba destinations to my list since then, but the Great Barrier Reef remains at the top.

2.) Buy a Mongolian horse and explore the Mongolian countryside.

Most countries draw me in for one reason or another, but the second that I read an article where you can buy your own Mongolian horse (because, of course, it’s cheaper than renting one) and explore the countryside with it, I was sold. Luckily so was James. We’ve already discussed how hard it will be to sell them again at the end of the journey once we’ve bonded with them, but it sounds amazing!

3.) Go on a Silent Retreat in a Buddhist country

Now I’m not a religious person or a spiritual person. At all. I’ve been in meditation situations before where I just sit there and think, “I’m bored. When will this be over?” and then hum myself a little song and plan my to-do list for the next day. So I’m not entirely sure why a silent retreat intrigues me, but it really does. Maybe it’s the challenge involved? Or maybe it’s so I don’t have to hear James speak for a full week? I’m not sure, but I think James will be all for it because he won’t have to listen to me speak for a whole week either.

4.) See penguins in Antarctica/South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

Another one that’s been sitting at the top of my list for years. And one that I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to cross off and, even if I do, when.

5.) See Komodo dragons on Komodo Island

This ties in with my scuba-side again. I love being underwater and I love the unknown element surrounding it, and while looking up amazing places to diving, I learned more about Komodo Island. So yes, the diving attracts me, but I think even more so the Komodo dragons attract me. And if I’ve done my research correctly, I read that they provide you with a three-pronged stick in order to fend off any unwanted attacks from the quick, poisonous creatures. Sounds fun, right?

6.) Go on a fjord cruise

The fjords in Scandinavia look amazing. Words don’t even describe them in photos, so I could imagine they’re even more impressive in real life. I would love to spend a week or two cruising up and down the waterways and taking in the sites as much as possible.

7.) Gorilla-trek in the Congo

I’m a big animal person and I can’t think of a more thrilling animal-based adventure than trekking gorillas in the jungle. It’s a big cost, but I think it would be worth every penny.

8.) Go on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey

I’m terrified of heights but I’ve always wanted to go in a hot air balloon. I try not to let my fears stop me from doing things (except for my fear of spiders. That will stop me from doing a lot of things). Cappadocia has always looked amazing to me, whether it’s on the ground or up in the air. So I’d like to go and experience both.

9.) Stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives

This is more of a mainstream item for me. But, really, I don’t know many people who don’t have this near the top of their list. The crystal clear blue water, a bungalow sitting over-top of that water, sunshine, a beer, a book, and silence. Sounds perfect.

10.) Go on an around-the-world cruise

This is the one that I was most specifically talking about when I said that I wasn’t sure when all of these items, if ever, would be checked off. These cruises cost a fortune. But we hopefully have a goal way down the road of doing this for our 50th birthdays. I know that’s a long way away, but it is my all-time bucket list. I can’t go changing things and taking items off just because I won’t accomplish them for 20 years. So it’ll sit at #10 until then.

So there we have it. This should keep us extremely busy when we finally get going! Wish us luck, and keep your eye out for new things being added on once we start crossing these ones off.

Have you done any of the things on our lists? If so, is the experience worth having on a top-ten list? Are any of these items on your bucket list too?


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